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The Growing Need for Children’s Nurseries

The Growing Need for Children’s Nurseries

We explore is there a growing need for Children’s nurseries?

A children’s nursery provides safe care for children who are from a few months old to the age when they start to attend pre-school in the UK.

This is owing to the increasing need for both parents to go out and earn an income. As well as the increasing number of one parent families.

Children’s nurseries are becoming higher in demand. People are more regularly searching for phrases just as Nursery Near Me; in order to find a local option.

Although there is probably no better care for your child than what you can give it.

There is often a need to place the child in someone else’s care for at least part of the day.

Obviously the best choice would be a grandparent if they were willing and if they lived close enough to make it a viable option. Although if not you mayl have to pay for that care.

Although some people opt to have a child-minder come to their house to take care of the child. This is not common and most people take their child to a children’s nursery.

Choosing a Nursery

With there being somewhere in the region of 11,500 children’s nurseries in the UK. There is a good chance that there will be more than one in your area.

This means you will have to choose which would be the best for your child.

The first thing that you will probably have to consider is the location of the nursery. Is it somewhere where you can easily drop the child off at and pick it up later?

Does this mean the nursery will have to be close to your home or to your place of work?

Even then there may be more than one to choose from. So here are some of the other things you should take into consideration when choosing where you will leave your child.

If I was seraching for a nursery near me, these are the kind of things I would consider:

• Opening Hours – You will want to consider what time the nursery will accept children in the mornings and what time they can be picked up.

Also you will of course have to decide before this, if the child will stay there for just part of the day or all day.

• Cost – Different nurseries have different prices and so this is one of the things you will probably want to know. Certainly prior to deciding if the child will stay there all day or for just part of the day.

• Pick-Up Rules – You will want to ensure that they have strict rules as to who can pick-up a child. Then when you decide which one you are going to use, ensure they clearly understand who you will permit to pick your child up.

• Friends – Before making your choice, you may want to check if any of your friend’s children use that nursery. As well as if they do; have they had any problems?
• Observe – When paying your first visit to the nursery to make enquiries, notice if the children seem happy and if the staff seem to take adequate attention to them.

• Bathroom – Check the bathroom facilities and if necessary ask what their policy is on potty training if any.

Other Considerations

• Activities – You should ask what recreational facilities are available for the children if any. Ensure that your child takes a toy or something to keep them amused if none are available at the nursery.

Having decided which nursery you will send your child to and for what hours during the day. There are still other things that you will need to know if you want your child to be safe and happy.

Some of these things are:

• Snacks – If your child gets hungry, does the nursery provide at least snacks for them? Or will a child be expected to bring their own?

• Sleep- When a child grows tired whilst at the nursery, are there facilities? Would this allow them to nap in peace and safety?

• Illness – What is the nursery’s policy on sickness?

Is there adequate staff to take care of the children should one of the staff have to miss due to illness?

• Child Illness – If a child becomes sick whilst at the nursery, what is the policy?

Is there medical staff on hand or will the parents be informed and be expected to pick up their child?
This may seem like a lot of questions that need to be asked.

However they are all relevant to your child’s well-being and so therefore important.

Other Options

There is increasing concern in the UK about children’s nursery prices increasing at a faster rate than inflation.

This has led to some people preferring to use an independent child-minder.

A recent survey showed that the price of a child–minder can now be cheaper than sending a child to a nursery. Perhaps this has convinced some parents to remove their child from a nursery.

Although you may make some savings by using an independent child-minder. There are still many questions you will want to ask them before hiring them.

There are also additional concerns that you will have to take into consideration.

One of the concerns is of course does the minder have any references?

How long have they been minding children or what experience do they have?

You will certainly have the extra concern of knowing what actions you will take to ensure your child is adequately taken care of.

Especially if the minder is sick for a day or more.

Government Assistance

Regardless of how much we earn, we would always like financial assistance from the government.

Before you decide on who will look after your child and for how long each day. You should carry out some checks.

Are there any government, financial programs that will help pay for your child’s care?

If so ensure that the person or facility you choose to mind your child, is in compliance with any criteria the government may place.

This will ensure you are eligible to make the necessary claims.

These government initiatives may change from one region to another. So ensure you read the ones that apply to your location.

Remember though that although cost is always a concern, the safety of your child is always a bigger one.

Children’s Nurseries in the UK

Children’s Nurseries in the UK

Although most people will only look at children’s nurseries as somewhere you can leave your child in safety for a period of the day. As it is a multi-billion dollar industry, some people look at them as money making opportunities.

In the UK there are said to be over 11,500 day care facilities for children. Between them they take in almost 5 billion pounds per year.

This is a lot of money and is money which is paid by the average parent, in order that they can be assured of their child’s safety whilst they go out and earn money.

The problem is though, with children’s nursery prices increasing, is it still viable for both parents to keep working?

Or is it more financially beneficial for one parent to stay at home to mind the children?

Children’s Nursery

First of all let’s look at what a children’s nursery is.

A children’s nursery is a place for children of various stages. Ranging in age from just a few months to an age when they are ready to start pre-school, can be left in safety.

This is under adequate supervision, for either part of a day or for all day between certain hours.

There is no hard and fast rule as to whether or not a child should go to a nursery. So it is very much a decision which has to be made by the child’s parents.

Often though, a child needs to be taken care of for at least part of the day. Especially if both its parents work or if it is from a one parent family and that parent works.

This is because most places of employment do not cater to young children being present in the work place.

Although it would obviously be nice to be able to place your child in a nursery whilst you were at work. For some, it is financially challenging.

Over the last 5 years the cost for a child to just stay part time at a nursery, has increased by almost 30% so parents now have to pay on average £6,000 per year.

Other Options

If there was no obvious solution to a nursery near me. Then I would look at some other options.

A parent does have other options however and some of those options may start to seem more financially viable whilst children nursery prices continue to increase.

A recent survey has shown that whilst the cost to send a 2 year old to a nursery part-time, has increased by 4.1% to £109.83 per week.

Over the last year on average, the cost of a part-time child-minder for a child of the same age has only increased by 2.5% to £103.04 per week.

It is perhaps because of these high costs that many parents are leaving their children with the child’s grandparents whilst they are at work.

However that is only an option if the grandparents are in agreement and if they live in close proximity.

Government Help

With the costs involved and the high number of families that are affected by these increasing costs.

It is little wonder that the government is now trying to render some financial assistance to qualifying families.

In 2016 the government is introducing a pilot scheme that will increase the number of hours that a parent can claim for child care services.

In England, the current allowance that can be claimed for is 570 hours for 3 and 4 year olds.

This equates to 15 hours a week for 38 weeks. The pilot scheme will increase this to 30 hours per week, providing the parents earn less than £100,000 per annum.

In other parts of the UK there are similar allowances such as in Scotland you can claim for up to 600 hours and you may also qualify to claim for a 2 year old if you meet certain criteria.

In Northern Ireland you can claim for 12.5 hours of child care per week, again for 38 weeks each year. Within Wales you can claim for up to 10 hours of free education for 3 and 4 year olds.


In these days when most country’s economies are tight, it is becoming increasingly necessary for both parents in a family to work. Although they need to in order to pay the bills and put food on the table.

However, if the cost of child care continues to increase at a higher rate than wages do. Parents will be forced to make a decision as to what they should do in terms of child care.

Obviously if the cost of child care is higher than what the lowest paid parent earns. It would not be financially viable for them to pay child care.

They would be better off with one parent staying at home to care for the children at no cost.

The Future

The present government has recognized this as an increasing problem. That is why they have started to introduce pilot schemes for children’s nurseries some areas.

An opposition party is also aware of the problem. They have said that they would increase the numbers of children receiving free child care.

Is this all going to be enough though? As the only thing which is certain is, there will always be children that need to be taken care of.

As well as many parents that earn too little.

The problem should perhaps be addressed by placing a limit on how much children’s nurseries can charge. Whilst ensuring that their prices do not increase more than the cost of living.

Certainly not increase more than the average incomes.

As one of a nursery’s highest costs is salaries, this should not unduly affect its ability to provide a good and safe service.

Of course it may mean though that the owners of the nurseries may not make so much profit.

This is going to remain an ongoing problem unless it is handled in a manner which affects the long term.

As children will always need to be safely looked after and parents are increasingly not going to be able to afford that care.

It also becomes a bigger problem as there become an increasing number of one parent families.

If you need support finding suitable childcare in your area. Then you could consider searching for phrases such as ‘Local nursery’, ‘nursery near me’ or even ‘nursery in my area’. This should help you to narrow down your options.